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SYSTEM NE is a non-precious dental cast alloy for crowns and bridges on cobalt-base, type 4.

SYSTEM NE is easy to use and quick to polish with excellent laser welding properties.

The alloy can be melted by open flame or induction heating.

SYSTEM NE can be used with any commercial, phosphate-bonded investment material (our recommendation: ADENTA®-VEST CB).

SYSTEM NE can be veneered with any high-fusing ceramics.

Typical material properties

Yield strength 0,2 % (MPa)> 500
Elongation (%)14,61
E-module (GPa)> 150
Tensile strength (MPa)447
Density (g/cm³)8,4
Corrosion resistance (µg/cm2)< 200
Melting range (Solidus/Liquidus)1405 °C / 1420 °C
CTE (25 – 500°C) (10⁻⁶ K⁻¹)14,5
Casting temperature1505 °C
Hardness  HV 10/30310
Max. firing temperature980 °C
Delivery form (mm)Ø 9,5 x 11
Packaging unit2,2 lb (1000 g)
Type acc. DIN EN ISO 22674:2016≥ Typ 4 as delivered
Lot numbers may show minimum deviation from typical values.
More information are available on our instruction for use.

Typical composition %

CoCrMoWSiMnFeno other
64,4216,56,40,80,650,1> 0,1