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ADENTA®-VEST CB is a phosphate-bonded investment powder for all precious and non-precious dental alloys for crowns and bridges.

ADENTA®-VEST CB can be used for the speed casting as well as for conventional heating (overnight-technique).

The adequate expansion can be adjusted for every type of alloy by changing the concentration of the appropriate Adentatec MIXING LIQUID.

ADENTA®-VEST CB features a high fitting accuracy (even for wide span bridges) of non precious dental alloys.

Mixing ration: 100 g : 24-26 ml

Packaging: 10,08 kg box (63 x 160 g bags)

Standard values for the Liquid concentration

MaterialInlay, VeneersCrownsBridges
CoCr alloy85 %85 %95 %
Gold alloy55 %60 %65 %
Press-ceramic60 %60 %

Information about ADENTA®-VEST CB

– For precious alloys
– For non-precious alloys
– For pressable ceramics
– For conventional and speed casting
– Clean and smooth surface
– High fitting accuracy
– Smooth and dense consistancy
– Flexible and cost-efficient